Belly fat? Cause and solution!

Belly fat is quite normal. But too much belly fat can be perceived as very disturbing. Both men and women can suffer from this. There are several causes that lead to belly fat. These include incorrect nutrition, inadequate sleep and stress. Do you want to get rid of your belly fat? CoolSculpting Kliniek offers the solution for removing belly fat!

How does belly fat arise?

Belly fat is fat tissue located under the skin in the abdominal cavity. Too much belly fat can pose a direct threat to many organs, such as the stomach and liver. It is also a risk factor for metabolic diseases, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, among others. Belly fat can be hereditary, but its occurrence can also have other causes.

Causes belly fat

Incorrect nutrition

Most people consume more sugars daily than they actually know. Consider candy, soft drinks, bread, fruit juices and caffeine-containing beverages. But too much salt is also best avoided, it causes your body to retain too much fluid which eventually accumulates near your belly. In addition alcohol is also a culprit. Studies have shown that your body quickly stores alcohol as fat.

Insufficient sleep

Research has shown that insufficient sleep can lead to weight gain and therefore belly fat. When you don’t get enough rest at night, cortisol production increases leading to more fat storage


Stress can also cause weight gain and therefore belly fat. A large amount of cortisol is produced when you experience stress in your body. When the body makes too much cortisol, the excess is stored in the abdominal cavity as active fat tissue.

Disrupted cortisol production

When you have a disrupted or excessive cortisol production, you may experience more hunger. This feeling of hunger makes it more likely that you will eat more or more often, when in fact this is not necessary. Eventually this will lead to more belly fat.

Disease or medication use

Certain diseases or medications can cause your body to store fat faster. An example of this is prednisone. Unfortunately this cannot be prevented, so you will have to find a good balance in the above points.

How do I get rid of my belly fat?

To get rid of belly fat a number of aspects are very important. Foremost of course is a healthy and varied diet. Eat plant-based products such as vegetables, fruits and grain products. In addition drink plenty of water and try to eat several times a day. A substantial breakfast is important in this regard. Reduce eating sugars such as candy, cake and chocolate. In addition avoid alcoholic beverages more often and quit smoking. Choose to combine this healthy diet with regular exercise. Go for a combination or alternation of strength and cardio training.

A healthy diet and lifestyle combined with exercise can work wonders, but it often does not give sufficient results. Fortunately CoolSculpting offers a solution for this! Our CoolSculpting treatment allows us to treat exactly the areas that bother you.

CoolSculpting treatment belly fat

With the CoolSculpting treatment cryolipolysis is used to remove belly fat by freezing fat cells. These cells are disposed naturally by the body. Once the fat cells are disposed, they do not return. This will ensure permanent removal of your belly fat. The treatment is safe, painless and no recovery time is required.