Linda about EMSCULPT

For Linda, the magazine brand and online platform, our cosmetic doctor Sebastiaan Kranenburg was interviewed. This involved the EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO. What does the treatment involve, who uses it, and what are the results? Read below the entire piece that was published on


EMSculpt NEO and EMSculpt is the latest body craze in the United States and is now starting to become a serious thing in Europe. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Carmen Elektra and Drew Barrymore post videos on Facebook and Insta while doing this work-out.

Is it a fad or here to stay, and why the hype?


EMSculpt was developed by BTL Aesthetics, a major medical and physiotherapy solutions company. More than three hundred engineers work in five research laboratories worldwide. After much research and clinical testing, they introduced the EMSculpt in 2019. With it, you can safely and effectively “train” your body without moving yourself.

How that works? In a nutshell, HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic energy) allows you to contract muscles in a specific area in a very targeted way. The rapidly charging magnetic fields create electric currents in the underlying tissue, which are transmitted back to the muscles. This causes the muscles to contract so frequently and quickly that the body starts to burn fat and build muscle mass.

But technology does not stand still. Earlier this year, BTL came out with an even more advanced variant: the EMSculpt Neo. That device has even greater intensity and also a radio frequency module to reduce fat around the muscles.


Cosmetic doctor Sebastiaan Kranenburg has now seen many clients with great results: “As a clinic, we have been working with the three machines (two EMSculpts and one EMSculpt NEO) for over a year now.”

“It feels like a vigorous workout, but no more than that. The intensity of the device is adjustable, so it is not painful. The muscle contractions are interspersed with a cycle in which the lactic acid is removed from the muscle tissue. As a result, you get less muscle soreness than with a regular workout.”


The treatment is for anyone who wants to combine muscle building, fat burning and body shaping without having to work their asses off at the gym. Or, as Kim Kardashian describes it, “It feels like you’re doing abs, but you’re not doing them.”

Beforehand, the physician or BIG practitioner will make a plan in an intake meeting and discuss the options. If you are convinced, you can get started unless you are pregnant, wear a copper coil or have other metal parts near the area to be treated.


People who are fit see results after one series of four to six treatments, Kranenburg says. “The ideal candidate has a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 (depending on fat percentage) and wants to add more definition to abs or glutes. Overweight individuals typically require multiple sessions in conjunction with a modified lifestyle.”

Drew Barrymore is a fan, anyway. She uses it in addition to her regular workout and healthy lifestyle, “It helps give me just that little bit more visible results and my core is clearly stronger than with regular abdominal exercises alone.”