SkinPen Micro-Needling treatment

Discover your best skin with the proven leader in microneedling.

As the first ever FDA-approved microneedling device, the SkinPen is trusted by leading dermatologists, beauticians and other skincare professionals. Three steps in just 30 minutes tackle acne scars on the face and neck wrinkles, for smoother, radiant and younger-looking skin. Schedule a free consultation now for your SkinPen microneedling treatment.

The consultation

Once the appointment is made, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email. On the day of the consultation you will be hospitably welcomed to our clinic. We check your details, you fill in a short questionnaire about your medical status and then you discuss with our specialist how SkinPen works, the microneedling treatment, the results you can expect and your personal wishes.

The SkinPen microneedling treatment

The SkinPen microneedling treatment We do this to evaluate the treatment(s) afterwards. Dan kunt u de toestemmingsformulieren voor de behandeling ondertekenen en de betaling doen.

The SkinPen treatment continues in three simple steps, designed to activate the skin’s natural healing process. After each session, the skin begins to heal itself and looks renewed and rejuvenated over time. Used only in professional settings, SkinPen delivers dramatic results without the use of heat or chemicals.

During the SkinPen treatment


SkinPen’s microneedles penetrate the skin surface and trigger a natural immune response to disinfect, remove dirt, promote blood flow and activate new tissue production.


The microchannels or small holes created by SkinPen are rebuilt with new granulation cells containing collagen proteins. Moreover, a new network of blood vessels develops.


New skin tissue, rich in collagen and elastin proteins, is formed. These proteins improve skin quality, visibly reducing acne scars and neck wrinkles, making skin appear smoother, brighter and younger.

After the SkinPen treatment

After treatment, the skin will look evenly red and feel warm / tingly. This sensation will subside after a few hours and the redness may persist (depending on the indication) for up to 24 hours. The treatment has a short recovery period, during which exfoliation and dryness may occur.

After the treatment, you will receive two aftercare products for at least the first 48 hours to aid recovery. This is included in the treatment price. Medical microneedling is a dynamic process, meaning that for optimal results, three to six treatments are needed at 4-week intervals.

Depending on the indication, during the free consultation we can give a targeted estimate on the number of treatments required and the time that should be between treatments.

SkinPen experiences

The SkinPen microneedling treatment is FDA-certified. Tens of thousands of treatments have already been carried out worldwide. The SkinPen treatment is proven safe and effective for overall skin improvement, as well as extremely effective in treating very specific skin indications. Lees onze klantervaringen.

SkinPen at all CoolSculpting Clinics

SkinPen Clinic is part of CoolSculpting Clinic. Following the proven success of SkinPen microneedling in our IET Clinics, which are focused on aesthetic technology, we offer the SkinPen treatment at all our branches. Besides the Ultherapy treatment for skin lifting and collagen boosting, you can now also have the surface of the skin treated.

The CoolSculpting Clinics are housed in beautiful locations with a luxurious feel that are equipped with all modern conveniences. U kunt zeker zijn van een comfortabele, veilige en effectieve behandeling.

We only use official equipment from Crown Aesthetics, the company that developed the technology. Only Crown Aesthetics’ official blue SkinPen has the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a government agency that oversees the safety and effectiveness of medical devices.

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