Knee fat removal

Many women know it: you pay attention to what you eat, maybe even exercise regularly, but around your knees fat rolls remain visible. So that you actually never dare to wear those tight pants or cute skirt anymore. There is now a safe and permanent solution to this. With CoolSculpting we address these fat rolls in a very targeted way. By shortly freezing the fat cells under the epidermis they are broken down naturally by the body. Without damaging the surrounding tissue or the skin itself. After a few weeks you will have visibly slimmer knees and the results will be permanent. Without surgery or anesthesia.

Exercises against knee fat

On many blogs you can find exercises to reduce fat around the knees. Exercises such as walking lunges, squats, jumping rope or running. Exercising does indeed burn calories, but it does not guarantee that the fat at your knees will disappear. Indeed, there is no specific exercise to burn knee fat. Just like you can’t burn local fat on the belly or buttocks. CoolSculpting cryolipolysis does allow you to target fat locally.

Knee fat removal with cryolipolysis

As cosmetic doctor points out, “The CoolSculpting (Elite) is a fantastic alternative to liposuction.” In addition, it is suitable for large and small areas, including the knees. With CoolSculpting cryolipolysis, excess fat at the knees is frozen. Over a period of twelve weeks, the fat cells are broken down and you get a visibly slimmer result. And all without surgery, anesthesia and scarring afterwards.

Lipedema knees

CoolSculpting cryolipolysis is not suitable for the treatment of lipedema. CoolSculpting has provided improvement in some clients with lipedema in the knees or thighs, but it is not a solution. During a free consultation, our CoolSculpting specialists can estimate, based on previous treatments, whether a CoolSculpting session could provide improvement for you. When requesting a free consultation, please indicate that you have lipedema so we can provide targeted assistance.