Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista has filed a claim with the U.S. parent company of CoolSculpting – called Zeltiq – for $50 million because she (1) claims that she suffered from hyperplasia from a CoolSculpting treatment, (2) that she was not warned about this in advance, and (3) that the doctor did not adequately address it.

Hyperplasia is a very rare side effect of CoolSculpting with a chance of less than 1 in 2000 cycles. According to VRT NWS, “The model struggles with hard and numb fat bulges in various places on her body.” The cause was said to be a mishandled CoolSculpting cryolipolysis treatment she underwent in 2015 and 2016.

Linda Evangelista sues Zeltiq

Linda Evangelista’s case against CoolSculpting (parent company Zeltiq) is still in court in California and occasionally gets a lot of attention from the likes of the People or the Telegraaf.

Until a ruling is made in that court, we will not get further details. So we have to rely on what is in the press, including photos.

From the photographs, we conclude that there is no facial hyperplasia in Linda Evangelista. Hyperplasia in the face would, in fact, look different than it does in her face. Studies also show that hyperplasia in chin treatment is virtually nonexistent.

We also conclude that it may very well be that Linda Evangelista did develop hyperplasia on her body.

Insurance CoolSculpting Kliniek

CoolSculpting Kliniek has a unique insurance policy/guarantee. In fact, should our treatment result in hyperplasia (PAH), we will ensure that this affected tissue is removed via liposuction at no cost.

CoolSculpting Kliniek has a standard procedure for when we suspect that the treatment has developed hyperplasia. First, we have a doctor determine if it is hyperplasia. Second, the regulation comes into effect with insurance. We will arrange the liposuction for you and our insurance will reimburse for the full liposuction to remove the area affected by hyperplasia.

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