The CoolSculpting experience of Annelies Pijper

Annelies Pijper, editor-in-chief at Grazia, tested CoolSculpting at one of our clinics in 2019 for her series Tried & Tested. In this series, she tests all kinds of treatments from CO2 laser treatment and baby botox to microblading and CoolSculpting. What are the results? Is it worth the money? Below her review.

Why CoolSculpting?

“Through controlled cooling just below the skin’s surface, fat cells are broken down under the skin. I wanted to get rid of the fat on my belly just above my bikini bottom and around my navel, which regular exercise can’t do. With CoolSculpting there are no needles involved and you can continue to function as usual. So no lifting for weeks, just go straight back to the office after treatment.”

Annelies' experience

“The treatment location of CoolSculpting is central in Amsterdam, is neat and clean and you are received very warmly and correctly. It was clearly explained what I could expect and how the practitioner would proceed. I also liked that there was no pushing to go beyond my own limits. And honest advice was given on what is and is not realistic to expect.

During two treatment sessions, my fat cells were frozen. In the following twelve weeks, the treated fat cells are broken down. After four weeks I felt there was a difference and after ten weeks there were really visible results.

My belly is tighter and that makes me feel more confident. During my boxing classes, I even dare to wear a short shirt now. The suction pressure from the vacuum applicator felt pulling and gave a tingling sensation. Not painful, but not pleasant either. Afterwards, the skin felt somewhat swollen and itchy for several weeks.

The first few days the feeling of tingling was the worst. In addition, the first four days felt like I had done a lot of abdominal exercises. I am going to do one more session on the same zones to optimize the result.

If you remain stable in terms of weight, the results are permanent. I am considering someday tackling my bust fat close to the armpit – which is difficult to train. I am satisfied with the results and this has also made me pay better attention to my diet and training schedule. Being more aware of my body also makes me feel fitter and more powerful.

In short, the effect is greater than just the treated areas themselves. I am very satisfied with the service – from intake to treatment and follow-up checkup, I was helped pleasantly and professionally.”

The effect is greater than just treated zones themselves.

Annelies Pijper

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