The CoolSculpting Experience of Ina Babbé

In June 2016, Claudia Straatmans and Ina Babbé went to test different treatments for their column Happy in Shape. Chief editor Ina Babbé would have done anything to get rid of her saddlebags. She was therefore eager for a freezing session with CoolSculpting.

As I calmly read a book, the fat so attached to me begins the process of breaking down.

Ina Babbé

The eternal frustration

“Those unsightly bulges on either side of my top. In the winter I can camouflage my bulges reasonably well with clothing, but when skirt day comes around that uncomfortable feeling resurfaces: what do I do when it gets 30+ degrees? Dieting is of little use: face, cleavage, everything gets slimmer, except for those bulges, which feel perfectly at home there. But there is hope: CoolSculpting Kliniek promises to be able to permanently destroy my local fat deposits. Safely, without surgery, without pain, without recovery time and effectively. Yes!”

Stubborn fat

“The ‘problem area’ – just swallowing my embarrassment – is first extensively photographed. One of the branch managers of CoolSculpting Kliniek pushes and pricks my thighs. ‘Our method is especially suitable for body shaping or sculpting, for treating stubborn localized fat that usually doesn’t disappear with exercise or dieting, like yours.’ Deep inside I start to cheer, would it really? After my skin is given a protective layer with a special gel pad, a kind of slippery substance, an applicator in iron form is placed on my hip which is securely lashed with elastic bands. The device is set to -13°C. This freezes the underlying fat, which then dies off and leaves the body by its natural route. For a moment it feels as if my leg is on fire, but this unpleasant feeling soon ebbs away and I can read a book while the fat, which is so attached to me, begins to break down. It does take a long time: only after 75 minutes can the applicator be removed and a bright red sheet appears which feels a bit dead. The CoolSculpting employee gets the blood circulation going again with resolute massage movements and then puts the applicator on my other leg.”

Meanwhile, in all CoolSculpting clinics, we no longer work with the equipment that was used with Ina at the time. This has all been renewed to the CoolSculpting Elite. The principle of the treatment remains the same, but it is faster, two applicators can be used at the same time and it is more effective.

Away bumps!

The days after, my skin is still numb on both sides, but apart from that nothing bothers me, but there is little visible yet. That was to be expected: I was promised that you would only see real results after a few months. After a week or two an itchy feeling starts to appear under my skin, which I am only too happy to attribute to the release of my fat cells. And indeed: six weeks later my contours are clearly slimmer. After three months the lumps have almost disappeared and others are starting to notice that my lower body looks less massive. Even buying clothes has suddenly become a lot easier. When I report for the check-up and stand with my hips in front of the camera again, the difference is really visible and measurable. A promise is a promise: I have lost some inches! So off to that summer dress, I can’t wait for 30°C!”

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