The CoolSculpting experience of Lonneke Nooteboom

Lonneke Nooteboom, former owner ofStyle My Day, had her fat frozen at CoolSculpting Kliniek in 2017. Below her review.

When I am lying comfortably on a treatment bed and provided with a nice cup of tea we start.

Lonneke Nooteboom

Why CoolSculpting?

“Well I do and so the fat on my belly annoys me the most. After 3 kids and reaching the +40 age, it is just very difficult to get rid of this “local” fat. But now there is the possibility of freezing this fat so it does disappear! Too ideal right?

I am undergoing this treatment method to get rid of my belly fat and I am extremely happy and extremely curious about what will happen and what the final results will be! That’s why I’m taking you on my “IF YOU CAN SQUEEZE IT, YOU CAN FREE IT” journey with Coolsculpting Kliniek.

The intake

“Today I am visiting the Coolsculpting Kliniek. In all Coolsculpting Kliniek locations we work with two machines so that two areas can be tackled simultaneously.

To get started, I first have an intake meeting with Danielle. During the conversation, we discuss exactly what the treatment entails and Danielle also explains to me that the treatments at Coolsculpting Kliniek are really a medical treatment and NOT a cosmetic treatment(!) that you can often get at the a beautician. There is a huge amount of error in this; cosmetic treatment uses different devices and freezes the fat much less than the REAL medical variety. Therefore, the results in cosmetic treatment are much less good. CoolSculpting takes place externally, without surgery, so no anesthesia is needed! This is something that I personally find very important because I think an operation is something else and I myself would not so quickly choose. So here you get the same results but without cutting and anesthesia, I am told. I also like the fact that it is well explained what kind of pain I can feel and I can ask Danielle anything. So after the intake interview, it is completely clear to me what is in store for me! I’m almost ready!”

The treatment

“Okay, I now have a good understanding of exactly what the treatment entails but then there is the question of which cycles we will actually treat! To decide which cycles will be tackled today, Daniëlle first checks if my connective tissue is supple enough in the places that can possibly be treated. It turns out in the end that I am an ideal client (I knew all along because you can really squeeze my fat) and that means the treatment can be done well anywhere. CoolSculpting could be performed on me on my hips, upper arms and even the inside of my knees, among other things. For me, this is a place where fat accumulates and is really impossible to get rid of. In the end, in consultation with Danielle, I do choose to start with the baby fat on my belly for now. This is because I would still really like it if that was gone for the summer soon!

Now that it has been decided which area we are going to treat, Danielle is going to take pictures of me so that in a few months we can see the before-after results clearly. Excuse me for not adding these photos but these are so un-charming! In most people a clear improvement is already visible in 8 weeks, because after about 3 months a tight final result is achieved so I am already starting to count. Nice… so that works out perfectly for summer!

After we take pictures, the time comes and I am allowed to go with them to the treatment room. So today my abdomen is being treated and this is a total of 4 cycles. I am being treated today with the latest applicators from CoolSculpting and 2 cycles are also being treated at a time. Per cycle this takes 35 minutes so this means that everything takes only 1 hour and 10 minutes in total. That’s incredible, isn’t it?”

Meanwhile, in all CoolSculpting clinics, we no longer work with the equipment that was used with Ina at the time. This has all been renewed to the CoolSculpting Elite. The principle of the treatment remains the same, but it is faster, two applicators can be used at the same time and it is more effective.

“When I am lying comfortably on a comfortable treatment bed and provided with a nice cup of tea we start.

First, Danielle marks off on my belly the 4 cycles that are going to be treated with a marker. Next, the skin is prepared with a cloth containing some kind of anti-freeze and a gel pad is applied to my abdomen to properly protect the skin from the cold. After this, the first 2 applicators are applied (it feels like some sort of suction cup sucking my belly in) and now I get to lie still for 35 minutes. The first few minutes I feel a weird burning sensation, but this pain is very tolerable. After a while, this burning sensation disappears and after that I am really not bothered by anything anymore! I basically just spent 35 minutes answering emails and updating my socials and so the time really flies by. After the time is up Danielle starts massaging my belly for a while. This does feel a little strange because, of course, this area has just been treated and so is actually “frozen” to -11 degrees. When she’s done with this, it’s time for the last 2 cycles and that goes exactly the same as the first 2. I am really super relaxed and can hardly believe that in 2 months I will just have a tight belly. Without pain and within such a short time…how nice is that!

Once the treatment is finished, a new appointment is made to see if I need any follow-up treatment and if the results are good to see. Post-treatment is not always necessary but this really varies from person to person. Danielle explains, “The smaller the roll of fat, the fewer treatments are usually needed.” So I won’t know until the checkup if I need any additional treatment.

And what is also very nice to know is that this treatment works very well in combination with a healthy lifestyle but… you also stay in shape without exercising! And fair is fair, who would not want that!?

If you are so curious now (which is not illogical), you can also always drop by one of the CoolSculpting Clinics for a free intake interview. Thus, a special treatment plan is created for you with associated costs.

Oh well… I’ve already been asked if I had any after pain. Well, after the treatment I went shopping for a client, had dinner that evening and slept wonderfully. No pain at all. The days after, my abdomen felt a little sore but that feeling disappeared pretty quickly. For the next few weeks, I need to massage my belly areas for 2 minutes every day to make the fat disappear even easier. This I will do very faithfully! Everything for the best result right?”

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