The CoolSculpting experience of Saskia van Langevelde

In June 2017, Creative Director Saskia van Langevelde from Glamour magazine visited us in Amsterdam. She was testing different cryo treatments with editor colleagues, and CoolSculpting was included for this purpose.

After three months, my belly is really tighter, hooray! Secretly I would like this treatment on my upper arms as well now.

Saskia van Langevelde

Why CoolSculpting?

“I have a daughter and son of eight and six; their arrival has left some marks. By the way, so did the fries, cola and tompouces! I resolve to lose three kilos myself, then I can look for help. Eventually I choose to freeze fat on my belly. Because it works specifically and the results seem to be good.”


“It seems to be a piece of cake. They locally freeze your fat, then you pee it out. Is it really that easy? I fervently hope I get a tight belly out of it.”

The treatment

“In an intake meeting, a staff member tells me how long the treatment will take, what I can expect, and I see pictures of people who have already been treated. The employee is of my age and has also undergone the treatment herself. This allows her to answer my questions – does it hurt? when will I see results? – properly.

At the second appointment, I get to step on the scale (gulp), I get measured and they take pictures of my belly. At the third appointment, I get on the treatment table. I lie in a beautiful room overlooking Vondelpark. My problem area, my abdomen, is divided into four sections and marked off with markers.

A device is placed on the marked area, which sucks my skin in. Sounds scary, but I don’t feel a thing. After that, my skin becomes very cold. This is sensitive for a moment, but after a few minutes my skin becomes numb and I don’t feel anything. After half an hour, the device is removed and I receive a connective tissue massage. Well, that’s not so great. What I like is that the treatment is organized: for example, you know that this massage will last two minutes, so you can count down until it’s over. After four rounds of freezing, I get to go home.”

Meanwhile, in all CoolSculpting clinics, we no longer work with the equipment that was used on Saskia at the time. This has all been renewed to the CoolSculpting Elite. The principle of the treatment remains the same, but it is faster, two applicators can be used at the same time and it is more effective.

Pros and cons

“The clinic is beautiful and the practitioners are friendly and professional. If I have to mention a disadvantage, it is that you only see results after a while. If you’re lucky after five weeks, but sometimes only after three months. And you have to save up for it.”


“After three months, my tummy is really tighter, hooray! Secretly, I would now like this treatment on my upper arms as well. I would definitely recommend CoolSculpting to my girlfriends.”

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